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Former writer at ESPN (TrueHoop Network), The New York Times (About), SB Nation (NetsDaily), and The Score (The Basketball Jones). Contributor at SLAM, Yahoo! Sports, HoopsHype, Sports Illustrated, and FOX Sports. Father. Fiancé. Coach.

See that guy with the arrows around him? Yeah, that’s me. It’s a still image from a Barclays Center TV video at the presser welcoming Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets in 2013. Just me in a sea of media types, like that imposing photographer in the middle and the lady just to the left of him looking like, well, I don’t know. Tried to come up with something humorous to say, but was filled with fear after locking eyes with her. Oh, and who knew backwards caps were still a thing at that time?

If it isn’t obvious from the pictures above, I’m a Brooklyn Nets fan; something my son had no choice in becoming a fan of. Here he is 10 years ago for a sneak peek of Barclays Center before it officially opened to the public. Notice that he’s not wearing his cap backwards… because it shouldn’t be a thing.

There’s me next to, at the time, Brooklyn Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson (now an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors) at a coaches clinic that he ran for local high school coaches. Still a big fan of him and of what he did for the Nets; and if it wasn’t for his developmental track record that helped a young upstart Nets team, the team wouldn’t be a title contender as they are now.

Above that is me at the 2010 NBA Draft with the late Craig Sager, who passed from leukemia as my late wife did, which just makes my admiration of him even stronger. I’ve interviewed many NBA players, top college and high school players as well, but I’ve never wanted to take a picture with anyone more than Mr. Sager. Obviously he was an amazing TV man and journalist, but what I dug most about him was that he was him – paisley ties, floral-printed jackets, blinding shirts, and an overall sense of mismatching genius. Just him.

So, anyway…

What am I going to write about on DV Hoops? Basketball, of course, but specifically the NBA and being a basketball coach. My schedule is a bit hectic, especially with a lot of weekends being taken over with AAU tournaments, so I’m promising to write weekly, publishing every Monday. I will write more during the week as time allows, however. If you dig what you read, please tell your friends who might be interested! Mahalo!

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